Students at Gilbert Elementary have an abundance of opportunities to be actively involved in activities during and after school.. We believe that these clubs help our students develop a sense of belonging and teach them life skills such as commitment, decision-making, and teamwork. 

Every Monday a group of about 30 eager students meet in Mrs. Brown’s room for Art Club. These students are given the time and opportunity to enhance and develop their art skills in a smaller group setting with Mrs. Brown. They explore topics such as still life drawings, canvas paintings, clay sculptures, and recycled material art. Their goal being to create one masterpiece to show at this year’s art show in the spring.

The Jr. Beta Club meets once per month with Mrs. Richardson. Their motto is “Lead by serving others.” The Betas do just that. They run the school’s Helping Hands program which collects uneaten/unused food and redistributes it to needy students. They also distribute food from our food pantry on Fridays.  They do many other service projects throughout the year.

Gilbert is blessed to have a group of students who love to sing. Our chorus group begins each year by learning to blend and control our voices with patriotic songs . They are then excited to begin practicing Christmas music which is sung at our school's Christmas concert, on a field trip around the neighborhood, and at other festivals in town. They love spreading Christmas cheer to others through upbeat Christmas music. The chorus ends the year with popular songs that they will perform at the talent show and school's art show. Our hope is that students will use music and singing to enrich their lives.

Vex is an after school robotics club. They meet twice per week to build, program, and have the robots run the course in preparation for competition.  Competitions take place on Saturdays and are tough. They are currently ranked in the top five for our state. The goal is to get to the World Competition again. They went last year and placed fifth in the world.

All 5th grade student at Gilbert participate in C.H.A.M.P.S. C.H.A.M.P.S. is an educational program developed by The Georgia Sheriff’s Association for fifth grade students. It is a highly successful program that is taught in the Walker County School District. The CHAMPS acronym is Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods Promoting Safety, which instructs fifth grade students on some twenty topics that young people experience on a daily basis.  Topics that range from bullying, peer pressure, alcohol/drug usage, and dealing with stressful situations, are just a few of the course topics taught to the students.

 The Green Team is a recycling club that meets weekly after school. Fourth and fifth graders collect paper, plastic, and cardboard from containers they’ve placed around the school to be recycled thus reducing our carbon footprint.