Gilbert is Buzzing With Excitement

Gilbert Elementary School has been given an amazing opportunity by the Whole Kids Foundations Bee Cause Project and the Savannah Bee Company to host an observation honey bee hive in our building!  The Bee Cause Project has currently provided hives for 330 schools in 50 states and 4 countries around the world. Our hive has been installed in our hydroponics lab, so that it is an easily accessible teaching resource for all classes to enjoy.  The hive design has proven to be structurally safe.  Designed and developed by the Savannah Bee Company, the hive is securely anchored to the building and bees cannot enter the lab from the hive; they only have access to the outdoors via a tube through the wall.

Given the massive population decline of major crop pollinators in recent decades, a greater scientific understanding of the role of pollinators and their health is urgently needed. The hive is a resource for the whole community to experientially, but safely, learn about pollinators’ important contributions to our local ecosystem, agriculture, and economy. The honey bee hive will highlight our school’s commitment to preparing students to understand and address global sustainability issues, as well as a teaching tool for insects, life cycles, and pollinators.  

Walker County Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Walker County Schools distinguished teacher, Ms. Rebekah Cantrell! We could not be more proud of Ms. Cantrell for this very deserving honor and recognition. She truly is an extraordinary educator, and we are so blessed to have her at GES.

Open House 2021