What is P.B.I.S.?

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a model for creating a positive school environment, which supports the needs for all students and staff.  PBIS

  • is a data driven program to reduce disciplinary incidents.
  • is a process for creating safer more effective schools.
  • focuses on improving a school's ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students.
  • is a school-wide design for discipline.
  • is for and by ALL students, ALL staff, and in ALL settings.

Behavior Matrix – Common Areas

Gilbert Gators are always responsible, respectful, safe, and kind. Our behavior matrix shows us the expectations for each area of our school. Voice levels are included to let students know the appropriate noise level for each common area.

Learning Zone Matrix (Classrooms, iHub, etc.)

Matrices for individual classrooms may vary according to teacher and grade level. However, the same four core traits remain: responsible, respectful, safe, and kind.

Car & Bus Rider Matrix

Gilbert Gators continue to be responsible, respectful, safe, and kind. This matrix shows us the expectations and procedures for car and bus riders. 

At Gilbert Elementary School, students who demonstrate the desired traits from our behavior matrix earn Chompy Cash. It is available in $1 denominations only. Chompy Cash is only awarded, never taken punitively. Students may choose to save their money for their weekly visit to the Chompy Cash Store. 

The Chompy Cash Store is fully stocked with tons of novelty items to appeal to our students ranging in price from $1 - $100. Students may choose to spend their money each week or save up for higher priced items. One popular choice is always our passes. We have a vast array of them available between $25 - $50. Students may choose to have lunch with a friend, wear a hat to school, have lunch with the principal, go to the iHub or go to a special of their choice. Students visit the Chompy Cash Store once per week on Fridays with their class.

We also have our Student of the Month reward. Each month our guidance counselor, Miss Marshall, chooses a character trait as a focus for our school. The trait is explained by students via our morning news program and classroom teachers. Students work diligently to exhibit the character trait throughout the month. Near the end of the month, each homeroom teacher submits a name to Miss Marshall. Specials teachers and other teachers who know all the students vote on which student is most representative of the character trait.  We have a pep rally to celebrate the month’s accomplishments at the end of each month. The winners from each homeroom are announced and receive a certificate along with a piece of candy. The grade level winner gets to spin the prize wheel. Prizes range from passes for the iHub to a free slushie during specials, candy bars, Wendy’s coupons, etc. The overall winner receives a prize pack that consists of a t-shirt and all sorts of goodies. All the grade level winners and overall winner get their photos taken to display in the hall outside our gym.

Lastly, we have our Positive Office Referrals. Teachers refer students for going above and beyond in working hard or for outstanding behavior or work ethic. Students bring the referral to the office where they receive the royal treatment. Dr. Henderson or Mr. Green make a big deal out of the reason they are there. They get their photo taken and receive a coupon for a free ice cream.